Monday, September 13, 2010

John Loves Playing on His Mat!

John loves his play mat. He has always liked looking at the mirror and all the hanging toys, but now he really grabs the other toys and plays with them.

Baylor Game #2

Well . . . John still thinks Baylor is the best team ever since they are still undefeated! He went to his second Baylor game on Saturday so he stepped up his game a little. He wore a Baylor jersey that Matt wore as a baby and some khaki shorts.
Matt's parents stopped by the store to see him in his little outfit.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

John's First Baylor Football Game

John attended his first Baylor football game on Saturday evening. The Bears won so Daddy doesn't look like a liar when he told him that BU was the best team in the world.

John started his day off by getting in his BU attire bright and early for a walk with Mommy.
Later in the morning, John visited GiCi's house (Matt's mom) where he decided he better rest up for the game.

John did great at the game! He slept most of the first half once he settled in. We went to visit Matt's parents at halftime, and John started looking around at the crowd in the second half. He was even trying to talk and make sounds when the crowd got loud and excited. We decided he was telling us that he's ready for a bowl game!