Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beach Ball & GiCi's House

John spent some time at GiCi's house yesterday, and Daddy and Ellie came over to play too. John sat outside and played with Ellie and then sat in his own little outdoor chair. His favorite thing to do was play with the beach ball that GiCi got for him, and there's a video below of him enjoying it.

Throwing the squeaking bone with Ellie
Sitting in my own chair

Now the real fun begins!

Random Pictures

Here are a some miscellaneous pictures we came across this week as we were searching through them.

Bath time in a hotel after a long day on the road

Some Christmas Photos . . .John, Christopher (Em's cousin) and Matt with matching sweaters
Dinner at Houston's . . . He's as excited as we are!
The wonder of Christmas . . .
You mean we get to have Christmas every year!

Shopping with Mommy at World Trade Center in Dallas

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Walking with His Toys

John continues to get better and better walking while holding on to something. Here is a picture and several videos of him walking in our den.Getting confident with one hand and turning around

Just getting warmed up and a little wobbly

Moving along and then distracted by some toys

Walking over to the cabinets

Nap Time & Mohawk Man

John is generally a good sleeper at night and with naps. However, occasionally he doesn't quite get the message that it's nap time. When that's the case, you generally look on the video monitor and see something like this . . . Him standing up playing with the camera.

John wearing one of his springtime outfits for church.

Here's John after a bath one evening. We decided to try a mohawk as a new hairstyle.