Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Baby Shower for Emmalie and Baby John

This past Sunday a group of my sweet, sweet friends hosted the most special baby shower for me and baby John.

When I walked in, I instantly started to tear up because the details were too much! The sign-in table had the cutest paper dogs that Jan had cut out for guests to leave us a message on. The dining room table was set like a vintage candy bar – complete with pretzels, dog shaped cookies that matched the invitation, a precious cake, and Coke. There were even Coke floats in the kitchen! Lanissa and Holly cut out the adorable “J” lettets that went on each glass. And above the mantel . . . my heart actually skipped a beat! Jennifer found an old Dick and Jane reader page with the words “See, see. Oh, see. See John.” that was framed for his nursery. I still can’t believe it! The “John William” banner below the print was made by Jan. I was still taking all of this in when the guests started to arrive.

I was definitely overwhelmed and feeling very loved! So to Mary Liz, Holly, Jennifer, Jan, Lanissa, and Kristi – I am so honored and grateful to have had a shower so unbelievably cute and special that I will forever treasure.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Test Results Come Back Clear!

Emmalie had blood drawn at her doctor's visit this week to test for gestational diabetes, low iron levels, and some other items. Everything came back healthy which is great news!

I have also added two more pictures from the ultrasound this week. On the first one, you can barely make out John's thumb and hand up by his eye on the right. On the second one, you can clearly see his fingers on the left by his face.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ultrasound Picture & Update

We had our latest ultrasound today, and a picture of John is below. You can see his face pretty clearly, and that is his elbow on the left side of the picture. He had his arm up by his head sleeping most of the time today, but we did also get to see him have a big yawn and move around some.

The ultrasound technician said that the placenta had raised even further out of the way, and John is now head down and no longer in a breach position. She said based on these factors that she doesn't foresee any reason why Emmalie would need a C-section at this time.

The nursery is also coming along. We have determined the colors of the furniture and begun painting. The bedding is decided and setup on the crib, and we have our first coat of paint on the nursery walls. Things are moving along which is great because the technician also said his predicted delivery date looked more like May 28th.