Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jumping in Rain Puddles

John got his first pair of rain boots today in the mail.  Luckily, it also rained so we got to try them out on some puddles!

 He started off a little cautious ...

 But he soon found out how fun splashing was!

Our neighbor's grandson even came out to examine the puddle too.

2 Year Appointment

John had his 2 year checkup on Monday, and everything is healthy.  His length was 36.25 inches, and his weight was 31.5 pounds.  His pediatrician said his height is a little over the 90th percentile and that he should be no shorter than 6 feet and will likely be about 6' 2" as an adult.

John's 2 Years Old!

Wow ... Time has flown by!  We had some family over on John's birthday and had John's birthday party last Sunday.  Both were lots of fun and thanks for everyone for making it a great celebration!  Here are some of the pics of all the fun.
Family Evening

John's Party

Even Ellie got in on the fun!

Pops' Train

Emmalie's Dad (Pops) found his Lionel train he had as a child.  He got it all connected and invited John over from some play time which he really enjoyed!


First Baseball Game

We took John to a Texas Rangers game on a Monday evening.  We were so excited and asked him if he was ... he proceeded to say "No baseball game."  Once we got there, he changed his mind!

Watching Daddy Mow

John loves to watch Daddy mow.  He watches in from the front window and the back door.
Find Daddy ...

Pull up a chair ...

and invite a friend.

 Time to move on to the back yard!