Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bluebonnet Pictures

We took advantage of the nice weather and blooming flowers to get some great pictures of John in the bluebonnets.


Of course no bluebonnet pictures are without a little drama.  I believe the words we heard were,"No flowers.  No flowers please!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recent Pictures of John - Bugs, Baylor, Cupcakes, Valentines & More

Here are some more recent pictures of John and his many activities.  He's a busy little man always on the move!
Collecting Bugs & Snails

Watching Baylor Basketball and Doing Cheers with Landon

Devouring a Cupcake

Hanging Out with Ellie
Wearing Daddy's Boots

Valentine's Day Morning with Heart Pancakes & Friends Jack and Will

Finally wore himself out!


Videos from Georgia

Uncle Tug Blowing Air on John

Fascinated by the Treadmill

John playing swords with Daddy until he gets distracted by a mark on the floor.

More Pictures from Georgia

We finally had time to go through all our pictures from Georgia.  There were a lot of great ones so here are a bunch of them.
Playing with Cousin Boyd
 Loving on Cousin Boyd
 Trying to be a helper
Story time with Uncle Tugg
 Daddy took me to Krispy Kreme!!
 All the boys in Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta
 John running wild in Centennial Park!

Blowing straw wrappers with Uncle Tugg

 Basketball with Uncle Tugg and Daddy
 Preparing for a serious shot!

Picture Time with Cousin Boyd
 He can make bubbles!

Don't know what they're thinking, but it seems to be the same thing!
 Why is Cousin Boyd crying?
 Maybe I should cry too!


Saying goodbye before hitting the road home