Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Morning Without Mommy

John is excited to see Mommy tonight when she gets home! He channeled all that excitement into his morning play session. He also realized he can crawl through the door of his playhouse this morning after he accidentally opened the door and rolled a ball through.
I'm ready to play with you Mommy!

Visiting the Baylor Bears

John met Pops (Emmalie's Dad) down at Baylor on Sunday to visit the bears. The bears were inside when we got there, but once they heard John had arrived, they came out to greet him.
John was only slightly curious in the bears and was really more interested in all the other people there .

Saturday, January 29, 2011

John Says Dada!

John has said 'Mama' for a little while now and just started really saying 'Dada' consistently this week too. He must have been getting ready for his time with Daddy! I managed to record him saying it to today while we were playing this afternoon.

Dada 1

Dada 2

Playing at the Park

The weather has been so nice here for this time of year so Daddy and John went on a walk to the park. John had so much fun watching all the other kids playing and running around.

After watching the other kids play for a while, we decided John could swing in the little kids swing too. John enjoyed it, but he was really more interested in watching the other kids swinging.

Baylor Basketball Game

John loves to go to basketball games! Today's game was especially fun because the Bears won a close one, and John got to hang out with some other kids. He especially like hanging out with the girls.

After the game, John was still in good spirits while we stocked up on some groceries at HEB . . . most of which was for him anyway!

Daddy & John Time

For those of you who don't know, Emmalie is out of town for a few days so John gets to spend some one-on-one time with Daddy. Here's a picture from the first morning . . . We had to reassure Mommy that everything was alright!
For lunch, John got to eat with Daddy and GiCi (Matt's Mom).

Later that afternoon, John still wasn't feeling well from a week of being sick so Daddy took him to the doctor to be sure everything was alright.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Riding the Horsey by Himself

John loves to bounce around in his jumper, in people's lap, etc. Emmalie and I were singing and playing with him this weekend when we decided we had to record it. After we stopped the singing each time and stopped bouncing him, he just kept on bouncing on his own and singing his own little song. We just kept cracking up! It's almost like he's mimicking the song we were singing especially when he says "Weeeee" at the end.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Buggy Ride at Church

When we picked John up from the nursery at church a few weeks ago, he was riding in the buggy they push the kids around in. He was really focused on looking at everything and enjoyed himself. We laugh every time we look at these pictures because it looks like someone told him to keep his hands at his side like on a roller coaster!

6 & 7 Month Pictures

Here are John's 6 and 7 month pictures. He is really growing up fast!

7 Month Pictures

6 Month Pictures

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Two Teeth!

John has been teething in full force the last week or two. He got his first two teeth a week or so ago. They came in at exactly the same time. He looks so cute with his two bottom teeth and nothing else!

Praise Baby DVD

We have found something that will actually keep John's attention for more than 5 minutes ... It's a DVD called Praise Baby. It has kids playing, colors and shapes on the screen while playing praise music. John is mesmerized!

John's Friend Scout

Matt's sister Melissa gave John a stuffed puppy named Scout for Christmas. John absolutely LOVES it! You can program it to say his name, favorite food, etc. When he wakes up in his crib from a nap, we can hear him start playing with it and saying things like,"I love you John."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tuggle's Visit from Georgia

Emmalie's sister Amy Tuggle and her husband Matt arrived from Georgia on Dec. 29 just in time for Matt to go to the Baylor bowl game with Emmalie, Matt W. and Emmalie's dad Gary.

Amy decided to stay in Waco and watch the little man rather than go to the bowl game . . . Wise choice.
Aunt Amy even gave John a bath too! John seemed a little confused at first . . .
But he was happy and having fun by the end!
Uncle Tugg got to spend some time with the Little Man this week as well.
Uncle Tugg gave John his first Lego set.

It seems like Uncle Tugg had as much fun with them as John did!

Christmas Videos

As you can probably tell, John wasn't exactly lacking for attention on Christmas Day! In case you needed proof, this picture should suffice as evidence.

Here is a video of John saying his version of "Hi" to Matt's sister Melissa.

John getting real excited playing with Matt's mom.

John loves his stuffed giraffe!

Santa John on Christmas Day

John had his own Santa costume for Christmas morning, and he was definitely in the Christmas spirit. Here he is on his way to his first Christmas stop at Emmalie's parents house.
First, he watched as everyone else opened their presents.

Then, it was his turn!

John and Santa Claus

John was lucky enough to see Santa again on Christmas Eve at Emmalie's Uncle's house. He was quite curious at first but then took time to wave at everyone taking pictures.