Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Baylor Football Game

Football season is back, and we are really excited!  We all went to the first Baylor football game on Sunday.  John had a great time!  As soon as we sat down, he asked to go "run down there" on the field.  He was so confused why he could run on the football field at the scrimmage but not here at the game.  We promised him he could run on the field after the game, and lets just say that he didn't forget that!

Of course, we did go down on the field afterwards and "chase you" as John would say.  These pics were when I finally caught him.
He enjoyed having his own seat like all the adults.
He borrowed Pops'  binoculars so he could see the action better.
He cheered the Bears on to victory!
When the game was a little slow, he even had time to catch a movie!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zoo Trip

John and Daddy had a fun trip to the zoo Saturday morning.  The animals were all out and moving around like the giraffes and king cobra and even the new baby tiger cubs.  There was also a group of children from Africa performing native dances which John found memsmorizing.