Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bath Party After the Birthday Party

After John's 1st birthday party, John took a bath with Jack and Will who were visiting from Austin, TX so they could all get cleaned up after the party. They had a good time, and Jack even gave John a thank you hug afterwards.

John's 1st Birthday Party

After celebrating with just our parents on John's actual birthday, we had a small party for him at our house on the following Sunday. We invited the rest of our family and a few of "John's" friends for a celebration. The kids all had a great time, and everyone enjoyed the Bush's chicken, watermelon, cake, cookies and ice cream!

John Turns 1 Year Old

John turned 1 year old on Tuesday, June 7th . . . Wow! We had our parents over for a little celebration of the occasion. John and the rest of us had lots of fun. Here are some pictures and a few videos from the evening.