Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hiking at Cameron Park

John and Daddy went to Cameron Park today and did some hiking.  We had lots of fun.  John really liked the mountain bikers, runners, big rocks and especially running on the trails himself!

Baylor Parade

We met our our friends at the Baylor parade celebrating the Women's National Championship.  John had lots of fun hanging out with Landon & Ethan at the parade.

Afterwards, we all went to dinner and Landon and John had more fun outside Ninfa's!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a lot of fun!  The day started off with an early morning visit from the Easter Bunny.

After church, we went to GiCi and Big Daddy's house for some lunch.

John had little patience for eggs that didn't open quickly and were "stuck."
 Luckily Big Daddy and Grandpa were there to help!

GiCi and Big Daddy borrowed Aunt Shirley's bounce house for a little Easter fun.  I'd say he likes it!

Later on Easter we went to Uncle Tommy's ("T" to John) to hang out.  Uncle T took some neat photos while we were there!

Saturday Evening Before Easter

Saturday night before Easter we had some family over for dinner.  Now John was fully aware of the candy waiting inside the eggs.  Let's just say there was a little less hunting and a little more eating!

Sunday School Easter Party

We had a great time at Easter this year now that John can actually "hunt" Easter eggs.  He started off getting excited about picking them up at a Sunday School social and playing with the other kids.
 We searched high . . .
 and low.
 Then, he discovered there was candy inside ... 
which led to a lot of running and playing!