Friday, May 27, 2011

John is going to be a BIG . . .

Cousin! Aunt Amy and Uncle Tugg are expecting their first child this December. We are SO excited for them, and it will be great because John and Baby Tuggle will be close in age and have years of fun together in their future.

Walking on His Own!

John has been taking small steps on his own for a while now, but he has started really walking by himself this week. Half the time he can't walk for getting so excited about walking! In the first video, he decides to bypass walking altogether and just move on to dancing.

Summer Time = Pool Time

John broke in his new little pool in the back yard this week. He was a little tentative at first, but eventually had a great time.John's favorite expression to make these days . . . "Ohhhhh"
Who put me in here?!?
Well . . . maybe it's not that bad.

Look at the birds!
Now that I'm comfortable, it's time to play!

John and His Balloon

John has found that HEB is his favorite place to visit because they give him a balloon! Here are a couple of videos of him still playing with it at dinner time.

10 Month Pictures

Gone are the days of setting John in the chair, placing the sign there and then taking a quick picture. Now we do this . . .

Aunt Lissa's 30th Birthday

Matt's sister Melissa turned 30 this month so we had a celebration at GiCi's house (Matt's mom). John thought he should be included in the celebration too!

John especially likes the beach ball she has.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Little Man

One our favorite traits about John is how he has the sweetest little spirit about him. We were at lunch, and he leaned over and gave Daddy several hugs on the arm so Emmalie snapped some pictures.
In addition to being sweet, he is apparently ready to have a smartphone of his own!

Here's another cute picture of John with Pops (Emmalie's Dad)!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Slides & Swings

John really enjoys being outside, and we recently went to a park after dinner one evening. John really had a good time on the slide and in the swing.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Videos from the Zoo & Play Time

Here are some recent videos of John. The first couple of videos are of him playing in his play room and watching Praise Baby videos. The last two are of John at the zoo. He really likes the aquariums and especially likes waving and talking to the fish.

"The Blank Stare"

John has the inherited the tendency to get "locked in" on the television from his Daddy. It's especially pronounced when he is watching his Praise Baby DVDs. Here's some pictures of him watching, playing and the blank stare.

John's First Easter

John had a great first Easter! On Saturday, he got to see the Easter bunny first hand. Initially, he was kind of interested. Then, interest transitioned into some slight fear.

On Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came to visit John and brought him a HUGE puppy dog pillow and a few other surprises.

Then, we went to Emmalie's uncle's house for some delicious Easter lunch and more pictures!

Easter Egg Hunt & Bluebonnets

Our Sunday School class had an Easter Egg Hunt for all the children a couple of weeks ago. John enjoyed watching the other other kids, and he even got to pick up some eggs of his own.

There were also some Bluebonnets at the park so we took the opportunity for some additional pictures. John was really more interested in eating the Bluebonnets.