Wednesday, October 17, 2012

John's New Favorite Movie ... Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3 was released on DVD on Tuesday, and those are John's favorite movies.  We surprised him with it last night, and he was so excited.  Once the movie started, he was totally focused on the couch and didn't move his hands or legs keeping this pose the entire movie.

Then, we watched the part where the animals are in the circus.
John began very intently imitating them on the trapeze and flying through the air.

Playing in the Rain

John had so much fun playing in all the rain a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed putting on his jacket and rain boots.

Ft. Worth Zoo

John and Daddy spent some time at the Ft. Worth Zoo while Emmalie was at the Ft. Worth Gift Market.  We had a great time and were really impressed with the zoo.

John really liked the bears!
This one stopped and kept snorting & smelling John's popcorn.

This was a cool wooden log that was opened into the bears enclosure.
John crawled in, and you can see a bear in the background.

 Watching the penguins

There was a cool Western town with a petting zoo as well.

Mayborn Museum .. Reading, Building and Music

John has begun to explore more of the rooms at the Mayborn Museum in Waco lately.  He recently sat down for a quick read, did some building with large blocks, found a ping pong ball maze and a musical instrument he enjoyed playing and even had a tea party!


More Ice Cream Please!

As John gets older, he's starting to get more opinions and preferences.  On this occasion, he decided that mint chocolate chip ice cream would make a great dessert.  He ate two small bowls and wanted more!

Climbing the Slide at the Park

John is getting more and more daring and confident.  Here he is at a local park climbing up the big kids slide.  The best part is when he claps and is so proud at the top!

Enjoying the Outdoors

John loves the outdoors and doing anything outside.  Here are some pictures of him playing with a grasshopper and helping Uncle Tugg work in the yard.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Baylor Football Game

Football season is back, and we are really excited!  We all went to the first Baylor football game on Sunday.  John had a great time!  As soon as we sat down, he asked to go "run down there" on the field.  He was so confused why he could run on the football field at the scrimmage but not here at the game.  We promised him he could run on the field after the game, and lets just say that he didn't forget that!

Of course, we did go down on the field afterwards and "chase you" as John would say.  These pics were when I finally caught him.
He enjoyed having his own seat like all the adults.
He borrowed Pops'  binoculars so he could see the action better.
He cheered the Bears on to victory!
When the game was a little slow, he even had time to catch a movie!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zoo Trip

John and Daddy had a fun trip to the zoo Saturday morning.  The animals were all out and moving around like the giraffes and king cobra and even the new baby tiger cubs.  There was also a group of children from Africa performing native dances which John found memsmorizing.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Lorax!

John loves the Dr. Seuss Lorax movie.  It is so funny to hear the way he says it!

John's a Lion!

So ... John's "go to" talent apparently is being a lion.  He recently did this at a restaurant to impress some Baylor girls and at a different restaurant to impress a young girl.  We got it on video recently at Matt's grandparents' house.

Birthday Party and Baylor Football!

We had a fun Saturday morning today!  First, we went to the Mayborn Musuem in Waco for a birthday party for John's friends Luke and Lane.  Afterwards, we walked over to the Baylor Football Scrimmage.  John got to run around at the indoor practice facility which he thought was pretty cool, and he even got to put on a player's helmet!

Zoo Trip with Ethan

John and Daddy met Ethan and his daddy at the zoo last weekend.  The boys had a great time seeing the animals together.  It was especially exciting when the male lion came up to the glass and started growling at John!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Beach Trip to Galveston

John really enjoyed the beach with Matt's family this year!  He was unafraid of the water and sand and just had lots of fun.  He did everything from dig in the sand, play beach golf, feed sea gulls, visit the Moody Gardens Rain Forest, ride a ferry, fly a kite, play in the waves, kick beach balls and pushed his dump truck everywhere possible.